Sunday, March 3, 2013

Phenix Saint

Porn star Phenix Saint breaks it down, showing off his hot ink, sick PA and erotic moves, all with a bad boy attitude! He lifts his knees, fingers his tight horny hole and whacks his rock-hard tool, rubbing out one studly load.


22 year old King comes to us from Dunwoody, GA. He is a Customer Service Rep for a nearby call center. When he is not working, he's playing video games or working out for the YMCA Track Team. King is Bisexual and this is his first time in front of the camera. As he stands staring into the camera, he rubs his firm athletic body all over. When he removes his shirt, his 6 pack abs are quite apparent. He kneels forward in the arm chair, showing off, slapping and massaging his smooth bubble butt. He spreads his cheeks and his man hole flexes as if it is trying to communicate with you. King is a big ole tease as he rubs his cock through his tight boxer briefs. As his tool emerges, you can see his huge, thick uncut tool, which only seems to get harder and larger as he strokes and thumps it in the palm of his hand. Now sitting back in the chair, King prepares to complete his mission with firm, fast stroking action. With his eyes closed and focused, he delivers multiple squirts on his thigh!

Visconti Triplets

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23 year old triplets, the Visconti brothers come to us today from their home town of Budapest, Hungary. They are grabbing some sun by their pool, when their playfulness emerges, splashing each other with the water. They are hot, horny and ready for some relief. They begin rubbing and caressing each other and stroking themselves. They remove their bathing suits, applying oil to themselves and each other and begin stroking their uncut cocks on the pool deck, with 2 of the brothers bending over and giving a good ass hole view, as they rub and tug downward on their cocks. With an attempt to cool down, two of the brothers immerse their feet in the cool water of the pool, while the other prefers to remain on the deck, still giving his cock a work out. Out of the pool again and back on deck, two of the 3 stand over their brother, all stroking fast and furious. One at a time they blow their loads on his shoulders and he himself cannot hold back and let’s go. All 3 end smiling and relieved!

Ethan Slade & Steven Ponce

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22 year old Ethan Slade comes to us from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Steven Ponce is 31 years old and from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Ethan is in Ft. Lauderdale, staying with a friend for a long weekend. Both Ethan and Steven arrive to the gym first thing in the morning, as Ethan stands in the locker room in his jock strap, Steven gazes over and can't resist attempting an encounter with Ethan. They engage in some hot kissing action, followed by Steven dressing down to his jock strap. After some foreplay, Ethan drops to his knees, giving Steven a round of oral action, which obviously is to Steven's liking. Steven drops to his knees and the role is reversed, as he devours Ethan's hard cock. He moves to Ethan's ass and begins rimming him. Ethan sits down on Steven's stiff cock and goes for a ride. They flip flop and Ethan takes Steven for a pleasure ride, where Steven squirts a helluva load across his entire torso and face. Ethan rubs on out, creaming him abs to face as well!

Jason Vault

Jason Vault comes to us from north of the border, Montreal, Canada. At 35, Jason is a perfect specimen of manhood and he is going to show you every inch of his well toned muscle machine while he verbally interacts with you. Jason slowly undresses as he entices you to see every bulge of every vain of every muscle. Jason continues to flex while rubbing himself with his hands and playing his erect nipples. Soon he is showing his favorite muscle of all, his super hard uncut cock. Unlike most body builders, Jason's nuts are large, full and hang nicely below his dick. You could bounce a quarter of his muscular bubble butt. Jason continues to verbally allure you into his world until he unloads his cum filled nuts all over his tight abs.